Green Pastures Beauty

Green Pastures Beauty is based on the experience concept of professionalism, intentions, truth-telling, effectiveness, and human touch, injecting more health and beauty elements into the ladies! Since our establishment in 2005, we have adopted sincere hospitality as our business philosophy, introduced high-efficiency and safe beauty equipment and professional skin care products to provide you with physical and mental relief and sincere and considerate beauty services. All beauty treatment products use European and American natural skin care brands, with soothing aromatherapy and professional gestures, allowing customers to enjoy the best physical and mental beauty experience.

Green Pastures Beauty was founded in 2005 to serve customers with the heart of Christ serving the people. It is not only to pay accounts to people, but to God, and do our best to do our best for each customer. People-oriented, Refused to sell hard!

Our beauty services are extremely professional and diversified, ranging from floating eyebrows, acupuncture clearing, epiphyseal removal, wart removal, laser painless hair removal, moxibustion to acupoints to clear the meridians, hormone spot treatment, uterine and ovarian maintenance, soothing lymphatic massage, and dark circles removal. Eye bags treatment, whitening and wrinkle removal, breast cups… and even the latest HIFU focused ultrasound, laser skin rejuvenation, cryo-fat, etc. services are provided.